Since opening in 1998, Recruit Group has used a consultative approach to provide superior talent to our clients. Our recruiters specialize in the dynamic verticals of Physical & Cyber Security, Healthcare Technology, and Retail & E-commerce.

Our industry expertise and long term relationships give us access to an ever-growing pipeline of  top tier “passive” candidates to present to our clients. We also utilize state of the art tools, skill assessments and behavioral-based interviews to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to hiring. 

See what the Wall Street Journal is saying about the future of hiring
– it’s not what you think!

We are confident that you will find exceptional value in partnering with a search firm that knows how to go beyond a Linked In search and find candidates that can transform your business. Our team at Recruit Group will stay with you through every step of the hiring process and can even provide coaching and onboarding support for new and existing employees.

Recruit Group was nominated by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “Best Small Workplaces” in the United States and has been an annual finalist for The South Florida Business Journal’s “Business of the Year” award. We have built a great team and culture here at Recruit Group. Let us do the same for your business!